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Golden Future Enterprise HK Ltd
SHENZHEN GF TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT LTD.(GOLDEN FUTURE ENTERPRISE HK LTD.) is a specialist on the design and selling of LED industry lighting for more than 10 years, especially for miner lamp, explosion proof lighting fixture, LED street light and other LED commercial lightings, and etc.We have more than 10 advanced engineers with many years design experience for the electronic design, structure design and optics design.With many years selling, We have good reputation for high quality, good ...
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Lastest company news about ‘Sudden release’ kills two, injures six underground mine workers
‘Sudden release’ kills two, injures six underground mine workers


An unexpected movement injured and ended the lives of multiple subterranean employees. Authorities recently examined how two workers passed away, and a further six suffered lost-time injuries at an underground operation. Investigators discovered stored energy was sudden released while all crew members worked near conveyor belt systems at the undisclosed location. “A general labourer was fatally injured when he was caught between a 72-inch (182.8cm) wide belt and the steel frame of the belt tailpiece,” the Mine Safety and Health Administration said in a safety alert. “A belt foreman was fatally injured when a longwall belt conveyor take-up unit component, the bridle broke and struck him.” They made the following recommendations: train mine workers on safety aspects and safe work procedures for moving, maintaining and repairing conveyor belts perform risk assessments prior to beginning work to identify and control stored energy: Mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and gravity.Meanwhile check safety mine headlamps ensure conveyor belts movements, maintenance and repairs are performed with the correct replacement parts, proper tools and suitable rigging install properly designed safety restraints for moving parts like movable carriages, bridles and take-up sleds as a backup in case primary components fail train mine workers to stay in safe locations while in a conveyor belt entry, away from the belt drive and take-up winches, when starting or stopping the belt develop safe work procedures that eliminate or safely control stored energy including lock out/tag out, blocking against motion and securing the conveyor belt.
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Lastest company news about Authority approves more ‘contemporary and effective’ Qld mine safety rules
Authority approves more ‘contemporary and effective’ Qld mine safety rules


More modern and productive workplace practices will be required across the Sunshine State’s resources industry. State Parliament recently passed the Resources Safety and Health Legislation Amendment Bill to improve employee safety and better protect individuals. The most significant changes reflect the Queensland Coal Mining Board of Inquiry’s final recommendations about Resources Safety and Health Queensland (RSHQ), following the 2020 methane explosion Anglo American’s Grosvenor underground coal mine with substandard mining lamps, 199km southwest of Mackay. The reforms also promote high reliability organisation behaviours, update regulatory enforcement powers and keep relevant legislation “contemporary and effective”. Mandatory critical controls will better address serious mine site risks while enforceable undertakings will be introduced for the first time. “All changes to the Resources Safety Acts were informed by recommendations from the [2019 Sean] Brady review into fatal accidents at Queensland mines, Queensland Coal Mining Board of Inquiry, coronial inquest into the death of Gareth Dodunski and industry consultation,” a spokesperson for State Resources and Critical Minerals Scott Stewart said in a public statement. “RSHQ’s petroleum and gas inspectors will now be able to compel relevant people to give information or answer questions. This was a recommendation from the coroner after its inquest into the tragic [2013] death of Gareth Dodunski [at Fairwell Mining Camp].” Stewart also thanked grieving parents Philip and Michelle Dodunski who “bravely recounted the devastating loss of their son during the Committee hearings”. The couple previously described the responsible employers Santos and Saxon Energy Services Australia as “complete cowboys” who got away with it “every time”. “RSHQ needs to be doing unannounced inspections … on these multinational companies. They are the sheriff of the industry – get out there and do your job,” they earlier said according to the Australian Associated Press.
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Lastest company news about Local coal mines should supply customers says industry
Local coal mines should supply customers says industry


Sourcing Australian minerals for domestic consumption is in everyone’s interest, an advocacy said. Origin Energy was recently urged to use locally produced coal to support business and jobs. The Mining and Energy Union (MEU) wants the Eraring Power Station to purchase product from Centennial Coal’s Myuna and Mandalong coal mines. Otherwise, the operations could sack hundreds of workers,effect mining lamps and equipment businessmen when the current agreement expires on August 2025. “Centennial’s Myuna mine at Lake Macquarie is a fully captured coal mine of Eraring Power Station … with no other opportunity to transport coal to other markets. If no new ongoing contract is secured, there is an imminent risk of the mine closing and 350 workers being stood down,” the MEU said in a public statement. “At least 600 and up to 1000 direct jobs are at risk across the two mines unless a coal supply contract for Eraring is urgently secured, with existing contracts expiring at the end of June [2024].” However, the customer reportedly refused to negotiate a new contract on “viable terms”, partly due to stockpiled coal purchased elsewhere under price cap rules. This prompted MEU to urge the State Government to mandate coal contracts with Myuna and Mandalong in any proposed extension to the power station’s operating life. “Origin should do the right thing and purchase coal from these local coal mines that exist to the supply the power station. Further, the NSW Government should insist on contracts for the life of the power station if they provide support to extend its operation,” northern mining and NSW energy district president Robin Williams said.
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Oguz Kayihan
KL5LM(C) holds high quality, especially high luminance and pretty long lighting time.
DMT-30W shows good explosion-proof and shock proof characteristics, almost no need to maintain during its life time.
DL601F enjoys good explosion-proof and corrosion proof capability, and low maintainance cost.
Janeth gomez toque
Such excellent lamps I purchase, this prodcut is what i expect, a good place you never go wrong
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