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Explosion-proof lamp classification introduction

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China Golden Future Enterprise HK Ltd certification
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Explosion-proof lamp classification introduction
Latest company news about Explosion-proof lamp classification introduction

Explosion-proof lamps are generally classified according to the selected light source, explosion-proof structure type and use method. According to the light source, there are explosion-proof incandescent lamps, explosion-proof high-pressure mercury lamps, explosion-proof lamps
Low-voltage fluorescent lamps, mixed light source lamps, etc.; according to the type of explosion-proof structure, there are flameproof lamps, increased safety lamps, composite lamps, etc.; according to the way of use, there are fixed explosion-proof lamps and portable explosion-proof lamps.
By explosion-proof type
According to the explosion-proof type, it is divided into five main types: flameproof type, increased safety type, positive pressure type, non-sparking type and dust explosion-proof type. It can also be composed of other explosion-proof types and the above
Various explosion-proof types are combined or compound and special.
According to the type of protection against electric shock
According to the type of protection against electric shock, it can be divided into I, I and III categories. The protection against electric shock is to prevent the parts easily touched by the explosion-proof lamp housing from being electrified, causing electric shock or different
Contact of a potential conductor produces an electrical spark that ignites an explosive mixture.
Class AI - On the basis of basic insulation, the accessible conductive parts that are not live in normal operation are connected to the protective earth conductor in the fixed line
Class B II - double insulation or reinforced insulation is used as a safety protection measure, and there is no grounding protection.
Class C III - use a safe voltage with an effective value not greater than 50v, and no voltage higher than this will be generated. Class DO - Relying only on basic insulation as a safety precaution.
Most of the explosion-proof lamps and lanterns have anti-shock protection type I, class lamps, and only a few are class II and class III lamps. For example: all-plastic explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof flashlights.

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